The Big League (TBL) is known as "The Grandaddy of Dynasty Fantasty Football" as it was one of the first leagues of it's kind. Many of the leagues on the net have adopted some form of the TBL style of play. The league was one of the first leagues to introduce the contract system and RFA (free agency) and our influence is widespread. This league has undergone several changes since our days of keeping track of stats with the USA Today until the use of commissioner services on the internet. The groundwork for this league originally started in 1989 and three of the original GMs remain.

Our first season of play as "The Big League" was in 1998 and the league wasn't so big at first as we only had eight franchises. In 1999 we had our first expansion draft as we increased the number of teams in the league to twelve. In 2002, we expanded the league again to fourteen teams. In 2007 we added two more teams to bring us to our total of 16 today. This page will guide you through the historical records of the league.

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