1999 Big League Transactions


09-05-99: Robs Rebels place TE C. Cleeland and RB C. Collins on short IR list;

and pick up RB's S. Davis and R. Rivers.

09-10-99: Robs Rebels officially add RB S. Davis to active roster. Dons Deadheads

place RB G. Brown on short IR list.

09-13-99: Freds Freightrains drop RB D. Cullors and picked up QB K. Warner.

09-15-99: Mikes Mashers place QB V. Testeverde on season ending IR and pick

up QB R. Mirer.

09-18-99: Thoms Tornadoes drop WR W. Oliver and pick up RB T. Lester.

09-19-99: Robbies Rockets drop WR R. Brooks and pick up TE E. Conwell.

09-20-99: Dons Deadheads drop RB A. Lee and pick up RB T. Wheatley.

Robs Rebels activate RB C. Collins and TE C. Cleeland from IR.

Robbies Rockets place QB R. Leaf on season ending IR.

Adams Atoms drop QB M. Quinn.

Freds Freightrains place QB S. McNair on short IR, drop TE Mark

Bruener and pick up QB B. Hobert and TE D. Sloan.

09-21-99: Thoms Tornadoes drop QB G. Ferrotte and pick up QB S. Case.

09-24-99: Mikes Maddoggs place RB P. Holmes on short IR list and pick up RB

B. Hanspard.

09-28-99: Tonys Terrors place TE M. Chumura on season ending IR list and pick

up WR C. Bradford.

10-01-99: Tonys Terrors place RB G. Hearst on short IR list.

10-01-99: Ordins Outlaws place QB T. Green and RB K. Anders on season ending

IR and pick up QB S. Mathews and RB R. Shehee.

Brians Bombers drop RB E. Bennet and Pick up RB J. Linton and WR

B. Schroeder.

10-02-99: Dons Deadheads place QB S. Young on short IR list, activate RB G.

Brown, pick up QB J. Garcia and release WR Y. Green.

Brians Bombers drop Car Def and claim TE M. Bruener off waivers from

Freds Freightrains.

Freds Freightrains place RB K. Carter on season ending IR list and pick

up RB R. Anderson.

10-03-99: Tonys Terrors drop WR L. Shepard and pick up WR A. Hakim.

10-06-99: Thoms Tornadoes drop RB D. Megget.

Robs Rebels place RB T. Davis on season ending IR and pick up RB J.


10-10-99: Thoms Tornadoes drop RB T. Lester and pick up RB R. Salaam.

10-22-99: Freds Freightrains drop QB B.J. Hobert and activate QB S. McNair from


10-23-99: Robs Rebels pick up RB O. Gary.

10-26-99: Thoms Tornadoes place RB R. Rivers on season ending IR and pick up

RB Oxendine.

10-29-99: Mikes Maddoggs place RB P. Holmes on season ending IR, drop WR E.

Mills, pick up WR M. Robertson, and drop TE J. Harris.

Tonys Terrors drop Atl Def and pick up Chi Def.

11-07-99: Dons Deadheads place QB S. Young on season ending IR.

11-08-99: Thoms Tornadoes drop WR D. Miller, WR A. Rison, pick up WR J.

Crowell and WR T. Dwight.

11-10-99: Mikes Mashers drop TE Kleinsasser and pick up QB J. Miller.

10-30-99: Adams Atoms drop RB S. Shaw and WR R. Carruth.

11-14-99: Thoms Tornadoes place C. Collins on short IR list, drop RB R. Salaam,

pick up QB R. Lucas and WR J. Horn.

Mikes Mashers pick up QB C. Miller.

Brians Bombers pick up RB M. Pittman.

Robs Rebels pick up WR T. Wilkins.

11-19-99: Brians Bombers drop TE Asher and pick up QB G. Ferrotte.

12-01-99: Thoms Tornadoes activate RB C. Collins and drop WR J. Horn.




08-25-99: Robs Rebels acquire TE Riemersma from Ordins Outlaws for TE T.


09-10-99: Robs Rebels trade RB D. Levens and QB S. King to Mikes Mashers

for TE R. Dudley, RB Biakabatuka and 2nd Rd pick in 2000 draft.

Robs Rebels trade WR Y. Green and QB B. Huard to Dons Deadheads

for QB T. Banks.

09-17-99: Robs Rebels trade TE G. Clark to Mikes Mashers for WR D. Scott.

09-20-99: Robs Rebels trade QB S. Mitchell to Robbies Rockets for 10th rd pick in

2000 draft.

Robs Rebels trade WR D. Scott to Keiths Killers for QB S. Beurlein.

Dons Deadheads trade QB K. Graham to Robbies Rockets for RB T.


10-01-99: Tonys Terrors trade QB C. Batch to Brians Bombers for WR J. Rice and

RB A. Burrell.

10-06-99: Robs Rebels trade WR T. Martin and RB R. Rivers to Thoms Tornadoes

for RB M. Faulk.

10-08-99: Freds Freightrains trade QB J. George, TE S. Sharpe and 2nd pick in

2000 draft to Ordin Outlaws for RB E. George and TE A. Glover.

10-12-99: Freds Freightrains trade QB D. Flutie to Dons Deadheads for WR C.


10-26-99: Robs Rebels trade RB C. Collins to Thoms Tornadoes for a 1st Rd pick

in 2000 draft.

10-27-99: Brians Bombers trade RB JJ Johnson, RB M. Cloud, RB T. Allen, WR C.

Pickens, WR B. Still and TE C. Fauria to Mikes Maddoggs for RB C.

Martin, RB A. Zeroue, WR T. Edwards, and WR K. Johnson.

10-29-99: Mikes Maddoggs trade WR T. Owens to Freds Freightrains for RB G.


10-30-99: Robs Rebels trade TE R. Dudley to Brians Bombers for a 2nd Rd pick in

2000 draft.

Mikes Maddoggs trade WR Rd. Moore, WR C. Pickens, RB G. Hill and 3

1st Rd picks (2000,2001,2002) to Adams Atoms for WR R. Moss.

Robs Rebels trade RB L. Phillips to Mikes Maddoggs for TE C. Fauria.

11-14-99: Thoms Tornadoes trade RB R. Rivers, WR B. Emmanuel, WR W.

Chrebet to Dons Deadheads for WR D. Mayes, and 6th Rd pick in 2000


Mikes Mashers trade RB J. Bettis to Thoms Tornadoes for 2nd Rd pick.

11-17-99: Robs Rebels trade QB R. Gannon, QB T. Banks, RB T. Biakabatuka, WR

I. Hillard to Ordins Outlaws for QB J. George, QB R. Cunningham, and

WR W. Blackwell.